Joyeuses fêtes… maintenant et après !

J’arrive un peu en retard mais il n’est jamais trop tard pour bien faire ! J’espère que votre Noël a été très agréable. Et bien entendu, je vous souhaite également un excellent réveillon de fin d’année !
Je voulais juste nous rappeler à tous que tous ces bons sentiments et souhaits que nous faisons pendant ces périodes sont vraiment excellents, vraiment bons ! Mais il nous faudra continuer après, chaque jour étant l’occasion de fêter la vie, la joie, la liberté, l’amitié et l’amour !
Il y a encore tant à faire pour que ce monde soit le plus beau et accueillant possible ! Aussi, je vous souhaite de maintenir ce cap de la joie, de la fraternité et de l’espoir chaque jour de votre vie et je m’y attelle aussi pour la mienne !
Je vous rejoindrai l’année prochaine pour le tout premier cours de Réussir en Beauté et l’enseignement des Principes du Succès !
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    1. Avec plaisir, n’hésitez pas à revenir car plus on est à partager les bonnes intentions, mieux ce sera ! A bientôt !

      1. Aug24papawill13 There is nothing worse than people who try and sound smart over the internet. Fact is people Want to Judge others and no one does this better than the Left. They view themselves as the intellectual elites of all History, so anyone opposing them is a knuckle dragging simpleton who needs to be ignored, even if they speak the Truth.

      2. Had to catch up on your posts! Haven't been here in so…tooooo long!What lovely daughter's you have, Becky.No wonder your cup is overflowing.All three of my girls are married, and now I have the grand kiddos!!!Whole new chapter.God Bless You!xxoo

      3. …. [Trackback]…….[…]Hello I found your weblog web net internet site net world-broad-world-wide-web site for the earth-wide-web and actual physical appearance some inside of your early posts. Continue to care for inside the superb run. I just now additional boost your…

      4. hello all… newb here… great site and community… is there a way to get a list of just reo properties?was thinking of buying soon but from what i’m reading on this site, it looks like the time to buy is 12-18 months from now…looking in towns such as fort lee, leonia, paramus, river edge, oradell, englewood…can anyone offer any good insight to these towns?#1 priority is… easy to commute to nycand must be close to gwb as in-laws come to babysit from queensthanks for any advice.

      5. YES, we are focking special! We drove out the Spanish, fought the French, talked the seas free from the rule of Brittannia, saved innumerous Jews, built country out of water, protect ourselves from the savage sea…. We are special alright! Because when u give us a problem we probably will already have solved it before u finished your sentence!

      6. I’d love to win one because we have a wee one due in about seven weeks and you can never have enough blankets, especially cute ones! We’re doing a lot of gray already so I think I’d g1000o with the yellow border. Thanks!

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      8. hola me gustaria saber cuanto sale el modelo 4345-3A y de cuanto es el anticipo y cuanto habria que pagar por mes soy de malagueño coroba camino a carlos paz gracias

      9. KatieB:It’s hard not to wonder.I can’t imagine losing them in 8th grade.At least I can assume my students needed to work. Or they had family responsibilities. Or they figured out that college is not really their thing after all.To lose them before high school.That’s rough.Keep on doing what you are doing. It will make a difference to the ones who make it through.

      10. Honestly, how many ‘book-a-holics’ are you friends with? They (most of them) lack social skills to get by in this day and age. Board Games allow one to enhance their social skills in a way a book or the internet can’t. I’ll choose board games every time. Reading a 12+ page instruction manual on how to start the game is enough solitaire reading for me.

      11. disse:eu ja fiz o cadastro mas ate agora nao recebi nada,porque uns tem direito e outro nao,ja tem mais de um ano que o meu castro foi feito,mas ja vi que a lei nao sao pra todos,so pra alguns,conheço pessoas que trabalha e nao ganha pouco e ganha o bolça familia.porque uns pode e outros nao,so queria uma resposta pra isso.

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      13. Um dos ralos caiu essa semana. Alfredo Nascimento. Pena que vão substituí-lo por um igual. O PR (dono da pasta) diz querer alguém com perfil político, não um técnico (alguém que entenda do assunto). Ou seja, todas as denúncias de propina e superfaturamento vão continuar.

      14. I can’t stand that place anymore. They seem to think that they are the only forum that we can go to. How many people have been banned from there for just criticizing the way they over moderate? Now that they are on the “International Blog Roll” they are a ton worse!!! Thanks for exposing them Transportfool!!!

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      17. ti sbaglil’alfabetizzato mediano (ne sono praticamente certo) ha fatto malamente un liceo (purtroppo, abbiamo disperato bisogno di diplomati tecnici) , si è iscritto all’università, facoltà umanistico-moderna-tuttafuffa (purtroppo, abbiamo disperato bisogno di ingegneri) e non la ha finita (ma rigetto lo stesso il lavoro manuale)però ti sbagli di più: non c’è nessun motivo per credere che un classicista-umanista del ’900 fosse meno bestia di un alfabetizzato mediano odierno. in fin dei conti hanno provocato come reazione il massimo era più affettato

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      20. Yeah.It’s a bit strange that while it states about “Licensee may not: … reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify, translate, make any attempt to discover the source code of Software” it also mentions “…all modifications, enhancements, derivatives and other alterations of Software regardless of who made any modifications, if any, are, and will remain, the sole and exclusive property of Licensor and its suppliers.”.As I remember, first unofficial attempts to make UI dark were about patching PhpStorm binaries so while it was against the rules it was a good proof of concept.

      21. Selon moi, Orange va tenter de s’aligner bêtement. Ils n’arriveront pas à suivre et joueront sur le malentendu (concernant le réseau et la fiabilité). Ca sera idiot. Chaque opérateur doit avoir sa particularité pour satisfaire chacun. Si Orange proposait un service très haute qualité et innovant de type 4G, alors ils pourraient justifier leurs prix.

      22. The reducing of expression to small hands and small fingers captures the frailty of the child and the overwhelming circumstance she is facing and how ill-prepared her mind, body and soul are in struggling with all the events that are violating what childhood is suppose to be about. I can feel the hopelessness of this. I would like to invite you by to read a work that I wrote yesterday titled “She’s eight years old”. The experience is again about facing enormous struggle at a young age. I hope you will relate to it.

      23. hi,I am new to this and am looking for a board for my daughter. She will be 12 this summer, has gone to surf camp, and owns a soft board that is about 7′ long and does okay on it. we live on the east coast and surf on Fire island. what do you mean by… THIS BOARD HAS A VOLCOM LOGO SPRAY PAINTED OVER THE BOARD LABEL – THE GUY THOOUGHT IT WAS A “NEW” PLASTIC FANTASTIC – AND I KNOW THE GLASSING LOGO ON IT WHICH IS UP IN LA – SO BOARD IS DEFINITELY A PROFESSIONAL SHAPE – who made the board/ what brand is it really? Is it glass or is it plastic or some type of composite.joanie

      24. Mainitsit: “Tarkastele yhteistyösuhdetta myös prosessina: aloitus, tutustuminen, työskentely- ja lopettamisvaihe.”Pelkään, että minun on vaikea hahmottaa tai käsitellä yhteistyösuhteessa näitä kaikkia vaiheita, koska menen 37:lle ja siellä hoitoajat voivat olla todella lyhyitä. Onko kokemuksesi mukaan yhtä mahdollista käydä nämä kaikki vaiheet läpi lyhyessäkin hoitosuhteessa?

      25. I know you got the imp in you, but still, I know what she means by calling you a good girl. Even so, it really surprised me that you didn’t sleep with her! The imp doesn’t have to be anti-good — I’m living proof.

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      27. Hej Axel!Bra fråga, bruna skor är mycket stiliga till mörkblå/blå kostym men svarta är det mer formella och traditionella alternativet. Ska t ex på ett bröllop eller motsv. är svarta skor att föredra. Mitt tips är därför att satsa på svarta till middagen givet att dina bruna skor inte är av betydligt högre kvalitet (dvs. har man ett par randsydda oxfordskor så tar man dem oavsett om de är bruna eller svarta).

      28. JustineNovember 28, 2011 I would love this for my 3 year old son who has autism. He has just discovered interactive books on his iPad. The joy on his face when seeing objects or people move is something to treasure. I would love to see his face light up if I won this!

      29. In my dance bag, I think a must have would be a water bottle. Then I put tights, an extra bodysuit, deodrant, shorts, a bunch of extra hair accessories in case me or one of my friends forgets one, tap shoes, jazz shoes, ballet shoes, three pairs of foot undies, and my cell phone on silent in case my mum or dad is late or anyone needs to contact me!!!!!!!

      30. Cindy – I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the hours that you spend with me in the wee hours of the morning when I am watching your tutorials. You need to branch out into more wire work and chain maile as you are a wonderful teacher. I am intrigued by all aspects of jewelry and need to find someone who is as great as you, to teach other things as well. Glass bead making…LOL. Thanks for all your your help! Karon C

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      32. Look, site owners can be your ally in your goal for Google+ by adding +1 buttons and asking users to authenticate with Google accounts rather than Facebook Connect. But, this action makes us NOT want users to be logged in to Google, which is the opposite of what you want for Google+. Whatever your real reasons for this – privacy is not the reason or else you would not let PPC clicks have keyword data – it can't be more important than motivating site owners to use Google over Facebook. I suggest you undo this for that Google-centric reason alone.

      33. Starbucks ist toll 😀 Ich bin nur froh, dass es bei uns nicht direkt einen in der Nähe gibt, sonst wär ich immer pleite – billig ist es ja nicht gerade ;)Die Discoveries-Serie kenne ich, ich sehe gerade, dass sie inzwischen ein anderes Design der Becher haben. Die schmecken auch total gut 🙂

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    4. You seem to have plenty of money to go traveling, but at the age of 27 you are still living with your parents? So what you are saying is that you want another 8 years to grow up and leave mommy and daddy’s house. You should have thought about that 8 years ago.Maybe it’s time to give up the traveling, keep a steady job, rent an apartment and start living your life TODAY as an adult.Who knows, maybe this new mature way of life, might attract Mr. Right.

    5. I haven’t played my guitar in years. The kids both keep saying they want to learn, though, so I may break it out one of these days and teach them.I love the patterns in the Berroco book that features their Vintage yarn…I think it’s my favorite book of their current crop. I didn’t realize, however, that Vintage yarn wasn’t all wool! I was expecting that it was. Bummer!

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    9. Alice H – I am here from Meg (Whatever blog) and I like to look at her blog for her Craft Thursday’s that she does with her kids. I also find a lot of other craft inspiration from Pinterest. Thanks for the giveaway.

    10. If government doesn’t inherently violate NAP then what exactly do they do? If we say that gov has no right beyond what everyone has then the gov is worthless and therefore why have it? If the gov does have powers / rights that we as citizens do not have then we have issues. The act of creating a government is a violation. For example: 51% vote to make a gov I don’t agree with,I am now having property rights violated. If the argument? is true government doesn’t force anything then whats the point

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    12. I love sage. I love to pan-fry them and sprinkle them over various dishes for an added crunchy boost of flavor. Another one of my favorite sage-driven recipes is this one for – a traditional Italian dish incorporating buckwheat with cabbage and potatoes, and then served with bitto cheese, and melted sage butter. Delish!

    13. hahaha THANK YOU for this! She is too stinkin’ cute… I actually laughed out loud (like the creepy girl at work) at every single one of these. I especially like the “Squirrelbird”, “Good boy Daddy” … well ok i like them all! I can’t wait to see her soon and Isabel and you and JB! I hope her bird outfit still fits!!!

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    25. Layla, I caved to the peer pressure:) I didn’t think I’d have time to join the party but I did!! Now I’m prepped and ready for a great dinner tonight with the fam! Hubby should be impressed by the table decor and the kiddos will be ready to destroy it! Haha! Thanks for hosting such a fun partay! Best, Katie*Come by and visit if you ever get a free moment!

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    31. Molly I just popped over for a cup of coffee this morning (Chris and everyone, if you’re reading this, I’m the one headed to SF tomorrow). I went for the Guatemalan, black, and it is so delicious. It has a beautiful coffee flavor–somehow sweet, bitter, and even a little deliciously sour all at once. It makes my whole mouth happy. Really great cup of coffee. Going to try the Mokka next week, can’t wait.The whole team is extremely friendly and nice. These are some good people and I’m glad they’re in the neighborhood. Thanks for the great morning cup!

    32. Signora Alessia, guardi che la par condicio riguarda solo gli spazi radiotelevisivi e non gli altri mezzi di propaganda politica. Il resto dipende delle scelte e dai mezzi economici di ciascun partito. E da questo punto di vista credo che la lotta sia impari a favore del centrodestra, considerati le enorme disponibilità finanziarie di Silvio Berlusconi.

    33. When I left the left and turned right I found new friends who sounded right to me. Even though I miss the friendships of my leftist days,since their complete disorientation to what is right and real and true has totally left them, I feel rightly justified when I read satire like this.From, I left the left and turned right

    34. My thoughts are with all of Florence’s family at this sad time. No matter how old a loved one is when she dies, she will be sorely missed. I’m remembering the fun get-togethers’ and picnics when we were all young with you kids playing in the dirt or chasing each other around. Concentrate on all those good memories now, and thank God you have so many. My deepest sympathy, Vickie, Sonja and Donnie.

    35. I think it really speaks volumes about the wrestling community that I am incredibly nervous that my contribution to this list is going to be looked down upon for not living up to Dragon Dragon, but Shockwave the Robot cracks me up. He is the world’s only breakdancing wrestling robot after all.

    1. Merci beaucoup ! Oui, garder et cultiver la bonne humeur, c’est l’un des principes du succès, je lai expliqué maintes et maintes fois dans mes articles plus anciens ! Bonne fin d’année !

      1. ; Coughing up ONE example does not refute the general conditionjust as the black racist negroes here also regularly try to counter evidence of the tidal wave of black crime by posting some instances of white crime. They have no conception of the concept of rate. Then they congratulate each other on how they win the argument.Btw, congratulations deservedly go to no_slappz, he does make excellent arguments – such as with Michelle's acceptance to Yale and camp-for-engineering-students.

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      3. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what they are talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

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      6. Thank you for the shout out, Audi! Your outfits are so nice to look at and you pose beautifully. You are awfully creative and I love how you treat each day as an outfit adventure. You remind me of the uber funky theatrical Japanese lasses who glide along the streets of Tokyo. Never a dull day in your style life. You’re like a walking work of art. And don’t get me started on how impressed I am with your hat creations. You are brilliant.

      7. OK, now this is getting very tangential to the original post.And to think, Bartbuster, that I thought your main interest was the Titanic.At this point, I will not publish further tangential comments on this post. Sorry.

      8. smoke screens would be put up, didn’t he? And how could he have known that forty years ago? Because G.L. Rockwell is spot on on who killed Kennedy. The original line was always to blame the right wing and not the reds. The Jew TV/Book industry has been doing this for the past forty years.

      9. Thanks Gerrit. Love Garry Wills. Indeed, George McGovern, Barry Goldwater, Bob Dole, and Jimmy Carter lost elections and went on to do great and good things with the rest of their lives.I think Wills' lines about Mitt Romney starting off by claiming that he would be to the left of Ted Kennedy on gay rights and ending up to the right of Strom Thurmond; or that he sold his soul and found out that it didn't have much purchasing power are spot on.

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      13. Yeahhhh Dawn !!! Verry Good !!! Straight to my Favourites !! Those Maggots trully ROCKED !!!Gotta love them !!! Im all shooked-up by this Vid. Keep em comming like this !! Posts like this will put the Maggots in a somehow/somewhat more positive spotlicht.

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      16. The thought of an evening with friends telling stories warms the cockles of this storyteller’s heart! I always thought I was a little anal retentive about being on time (and usually manage to be early). Three days??? You’ve got me beat, hands down. Good post!

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      19. Hola buenos días!!! me encanta tu texto, lo pondré en practica con mi hijo de 7 años ya que lo que sabe en lectura se lo he enseñado yo..xq sin intención de aludir las maestras hoy en día todo lo dejan a la casa..el gobierno debería obligar a todas las madres a estudiar educación, así no la ejerzamos. xq es de gran ayuda por la pedagogía que allí se estudia.muchas veces por no saber de que forma trasmitir la enseñanza llegamos a maltratar al niño y no es la idea…se te quiere muchisimassss Gracias de verdad.

      20. Kann ich nur zustimmen. Es wird alles für Mädchen getan, aber die Jungs kommen nicht zum Zug. Ich habe zwei Buben (16 und 17), wobei der jüngere ein “Lernverweigerer” ist. Es gibt für Mädchen jede Förderung bei uns, aber ich habe noch nie von einem “Boys-Day” bei Firmen und Schulen gehört.

      21. Thank you Kay for letting me come see your house for the first time! and for letting me snugle up with some dogs and let them jump around on me and letting me spend some time with Glimmer and her new puppies! You are a really nice person Kay!

      22. When my mother was in the hospital a few years ago, they only had CNN for news, so I had to watch it. I honestly couldn’t believe how stunningly biased it was. They did a story on the Arizona immigration law, with ONLY soundbites from people who opposed it. It gave a completely false impression of what was going on.Just last week or so I saw another example of their bias. They haven’t learned. A friend of mine used to work there (he left for a better job elswhere), and he told me once they’ll never learn. Looks like he’s right.

      23. Olá Juvenal AmadoPois é camarada e amigo, as nossas estórias têm sempre algo em comum, o que é perfeitamente natural. Esta tem também algo a ver comigo no que respeita a deixarem os "piras" só beber Coca-Cola ou Fanta. Vou aproveitar a "deixa" para tentar contar o que também me aconteceu quando cheguei a Jolmete um ano depois dos meus camaradas da CCaç.3306. Um Grande e Forte Abraço. Augusto Silva Santos

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      30. The notion that intermarriage need not devastate Jewish identity can be plausibly argued only for, at most, the first generation of intermarriage.Your numbers are way off. The intermarriage is probably less than half of your number, and the fertility rate is much higher than one per woman. Even so, it hardly matters.The next 10-15 years will determine everything, and the trends you cite will have little effect on the Jewish population within this time frame.

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      38. You right when the LCF is transporting the fuselage sections from Japan or hte horizontal stab then a refueling stop is not needed. When it’s transporting the fuselage sections from Italy or the wings then a refueling stop is necessary. Thanks for adding!

    2. jurko / As to last minute resistance, yeah, it’s better to treat girls like cats and let them come to you. At least that’s what i learned from couchsurfing. And it’s a horrible term, this resistance thing. As if it’s the besieged city throwing a last, desperate attempt to fend off the hordes of rapist mongolian looters, and not a cute human being, who youre about to lovingly fuck, in need ofsome comfort and reassurance.

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    9. You’re aware, i assume, of the diurnal planetary sequence formalised (if memory serves) and most certainly used by the early Renaissance magicians whereby the planets in the order of the ‘spheres’ and embodied in the heptagram (saturn, jupiter, mars, sun, venus, mercury, moon) each rule an hour of the day starting with the sun in the first hour of Sunday.

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    11. I personally have been writing my congressman regarding this issue. Several times I have written him and I have gotten a response from each. I have encouraged him to pursue this to the fullest. I cannot fathom why Holder hasn’t been charged with contempt of congress, there is irrefutable proof that he has misled and lied to congress on several occasions regarding his knowledge of OFF. I would encourage all of my fellow TTAG readers to do the same. For every one letter or email they receive there are thousands of constituents who feel the same way.

    12. Also, no Mundie, no Ozzie. Coincidence? How about no real LisaB either. Are they on their way out?Steve was okay, but the lecture part about how we all need to work together and help each other be great is not an actionable goal, so I'm unclear why he even metioned it. They don't do it at the SLT level, so why does he expect his minions to do it. The review system doesn't support making each other great. Sure, there are people who do this on their own, but they are mostly not the E/20's.

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    18. LOL! OMFG!! I about … LOL! OMFG!! I about DIED laughing when Hajime interrupted class yelling “HI HI HIHIHIHIHI HIHI HI” Now THAT was fuckin’ HILARIOUS! (Wait. Was that his name? Hajime? Sorry….sorta new to this anime. I had a brain fart, lol)

    19. by Gerry, so I won’t add anything. But I would say only one thing. You wrote « Posting foreign maps of Dokdo Takeshima as proof of ownership is a pretty lame premise Gerry ». Isn’t this saying about your postings? You only posted Japan’s maps, not Korean maps. Why didn’t you post Korean maps, not « foreign maps » to show the ownership of Takeshima/Dokdo? Everybody knows the reason.

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  7. Jul15 All set, as soon as Linda gets here we are zooming up there. There was some fog this morning early, it probably does that every morning but heck I am never up before 7 am and this morning I shot up wide eyed a little after 6. hahahaCan’t wait to see all of you. Love ya

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  9. Taaya,Call it what you want, but it’s your voice against the majority. Our country is many a times run on petty politics and petty issues, and we know too well that these “pathetic notions” can result in not so pathetic and serious disturbances. To ignore the mentality whether it be worldly or pathetic and petty is plain stupid. The people here are like that, so the powers that be have to address problems likewise.

  10. Juice [116],I’m bringing my checkbook like a good little muppet. I hear places have multiple bids over asking within 5 minutes of hitting the market. You know, being that it’s close to NYC and sh1t. Besides they’re not making anymore land. In fact, Sandy has taken some land back into the ocean so we better hurry now, because those charmers won’t last.

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