Instants de joie : Ella FITZGERALD…

Dans la continuité de cette magnifique chanteuse, Ella FITZGERALD, qui, vous le verrez avec cette vidéo, a fait évoluer son art vers toujours plus de virtuosité, voici un exercice de scat très joyeux !!! (cf. Instants de beauté : Ella FITZGERALD).

C’était juste un instant de joie que je voulais partager avec vous ! 🙂

Bon week-end,


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  4. Hello,I was looking at your article Kids Behind Bars Aug. 2012, and I was wondering where you got the image from. We are currently working on a documentary called Push Out about low-income minority children with learning disabilities and their over-representation in the juvenile system (school to prison pipeline). We would like to use that image until we start our principal shots. Thank you for your time.Cynthia Perez

  5. ba61aaVoilà un beau débat avec des avis contradictoires, des mecs qui ont des arguments et qui n’hésitent pas à se rentrer dans le lard.Par contre j’ai trouvé la fin de ton intervention un peu surréaliste. Franchement demander à ce que les actionnaires de moins d’un ans n’aient pas le droit de vote c’est n’importe quoi.7114

  6. Laurie, você já viu o nível dos argumentos dessas pessoas favoráveis a qualquer coisa que vá contra a moral e a ética?Para os homossexuais, eles clamam o direito à diversidade, dizem que somos todos diferentes, blá,blá,blá, um discurso “lindo”.Mas, por exemplo, um bebê no ventre, caso seja detectada alguma deficiência, vira um alvo de guerra, deve ser eliminado, é uma tortura ter um filho deficiente…O que você disse não é uma pergunta, eles DE FATO trabalham com dois pesos e duas medidas.

  7. You don’t know how eagerly I have been waiting for this review! I am so happy you feel the same about Interlude Man as I do. I also haven’t liked the Man versions of Amouage as much as the Women’s but, this is definitely the exception. As I mentioned before, I instantly fell in love with Interlude Man (from a blind test of both the Man and Woman before they were officially released) and after trying both several times I have not changed my mind (hence the FB purchase of the Man). And I love your analogy to a Knight in Shining Armor – don’t worry about the feminists

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  12. Olivia Drabczyk / David Secord…if you think you are "normal" you have been seriously misinformed. Define the standards of "NORMAL" for me and subsequently find more than 1% of the population that fits into the standards you outline. And while you're at it why don't you rethink using "apples vs oranges" to sum up conversations concerned with fundamental characteristics and qualities of human identity.

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