Tony MELENDEZ : un exemple de réussite !

Croyez-vous que vous pouvez réaliser vos rêves les plus fous ?

Même si vous ne comprenez pas l’espagnol, vous serez touchés par ces images

et le message non verbal qui passe… La réussite ne dépend pas de ce que vous avez mais de ce que vous faites de ce que vous avez ! Tony MELENDEZ a beaucoup à nous apprendre à ce sujet. Regardez !

La vie de Tony MELENDEZ

“J’aime, je veux, je peux le faire ! ” Tony MELENDEZ.

A très bientôt,


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  1. Hmm, concerning the character animation… If you separate triangles that belong only to one bone from the rest of the character's mesh, these pieces can be instanced. I guess it would be reasonable to expect some amount of speed-up (and memory efficiency) depending on how rigid the character is (i.e. good for armoured/mechanical characters).Also, I'm curious if such trick would introduce "glitches" when rays exactly hit a seam between the skinned and the instanced pieces.

  2. Just another perspective to add: I’m close to 50 years old, and a student pursuing my credentials in addictions counseling.I appreciate the opportunity (at any age) to learn in this field. And, no doubt, it’s taking me some time…and classes are not inexpensive or easy on my finances. I have a family and work to manage -in addition to my educational goals.I am choosing to pursue a Masters Degree because it’s the right level of learning appropriate for my goals, both personally and professionally. LOL…I might earn my AARP card before I manage to get my Masters…But that’s ok with me ;0)

  3. Bon dia, Ferran. No hi ha localitats esepcíficament assignades fins que no passeu per taquilla a recollir les entrades i satisfer l’import. El que teniu és localitats reservades dins la zona que s’indica quan feu la reserva a Atrápalo. La manera d’aconseguir millors localitats és anar el més d’hora possible a recollir les entrades. Salutacions i que gaudiu de l’espectacle!

  4. Jane: ? I don't understand. This shoot was a paid job, so there are a lot of people involved. The creative/design company, the client (Capitol optical) & the photographer (who may or may not be related to the studio).Are you looking for a good studio to do the shoot at? You can maybe email me about this instead & I'll try to recommend some based on my experience with blogshop shoot studios!

  5. disclosure website v.interesting.We have a nuclear sub refit base here in Plymouth UK (naval port) and from time to time we see very strange lights in the sky above or near the base that stay for a while and then zoom off in different directions forming up higher in the sky. we are very familiar with known aircraft etc in this area and we all know its not that however a good friend of mine has worked for years in the artic and antartic on radar and some very wierd stuff and claims never to have seen or tracked a u.f.o. Im open minded

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